What’s Happening in the World of Expat Taxes?

Tax Implications For Canadians Owning Property In The U.S.

September 27, 2020
Buying real estate in another country is common among people who want to have a ready-made vacation home or a property they can rent out for extra income. Because Canada and the United States are geographically close, many Canadians purchase U.S. properties with this intention. However, there are important tax implications for a Canadian buying U.S. property. Here's what you need to know to stay in compliance with applicable tax laws.
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Estate Planning For U.S. Citizens Living Abroad

August 3, 2020
Estate planning is complicated, particularly when individuals are living overseas and must deal with two sets of taxes and regulations. Many people delay it, assuming they'll find time eventually. It's important to do it correctly — and sooner, rather than later.
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Foreign Tax Credit Vs. Foreign Earned Income Exclusion

July 1, 2020
The terms foreign tax credit and foreign earned income exclusion may appear interchangeable, but there are key differences. Below, we’ll cover what the foreign tax credit and foreign earned income exclusion mean, how you claim them, and tax resources for expats.
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Tax Filing For Dual Citizenship

June 28, 2020
Regardless of where they live in the world, U.S. citizens need to pay U.S. taxes. That's true of expats, permanent residents, green card holders and dual citizens who have citizenship in the U.S. and another country.
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Expats And Social Security

June 3, 2020
Taxes are complex for expats, who may find it difficult to keep up to date with changes to tax law. Determining how your Social Security taxes and benefits are impacted takes research and expertise that many expats prefer to leave to a CPA. Below, we’ll explore the relationship between taxes and Social Security benefits for expats, then discuss how a CPA can help. 
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