Self-Employed Tax Return

For Sole Proprietors and Independent Contractors

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What are you doing abroad? Are you just traveling and seeing the sights, or are you earning a living? If you work for yourself as a freelancer, independent contractor or sole proprieter — either full-time or part-tme — while living in another country, and you meet the tax filing threshhold, you are required to file U.S. self-employment tax on your foreign income. Need help? Let the CPAs at Expat CPA come to your rescue!

You must file a U.S. income tax return if you had $400 or more of net earnings from self-employment, regardless of your age. You must pay self-employment tax on your self-employment income even if it is excludable as foreign earned income in figuring your income tax. Net earnings from self-employment include the income earned both in a foreign country and in the United States.

How Expat CPA Can Help

Our professionals understand who must file a self-employment tax form, which income-reporting forms are required, how to fill out the tax form correctly and how to set up quarterly payments. We also offer tax consulting service so you can learn how to maximize your tax situation — and minimize your tax debt— by forming a business plan.

  • Schedule C: Starting at $150

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