U.S. Expat Tax Services

Comprehensive Expat Tax Preparation

Federal Tax Return

All expats who meet the minimum requirements for their filing status and age are required to file a federal tax return.

State Tax Return

Not all states require that expats file a return, but if yours does, we can help you prepare and file your state return.

Form 5471

Small business owners must file returns for any business (other than a sole proprietorship) that is considered a separate entitiy.

Self-Employed Tax Returns

The regular income threshold does not apply to the self-employed, who are required to file a tax return if earnings exceed $400.

FATCA Reporting

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a required disclosure for individuals with total assets over $50,000.


The Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) is required for individuals with foreign bank accounts that exceed $10,000 at any time during the year.

Streamlined Procedure

This process gets you caught up — with as little stress as possible — when you’re at least three years behind on your tax returns.

Individual Consulting

Let our CPAs provide expert tax advice via telephone to help you plan for the future and minimize your tax burden.

Form 1040NR

Form 1040NR collects income tax from individuals who live or work in the U.S. for a significant part of the year, yet who do not possess a green card or U.S. citizenship. If you earn income in the U.S. and meet one of two “days of presence” tests, then you may be required to file this form.

Knowing your tax filing requirements

U.S. citizens living abroad are required to file annual U.S. tax returns and report their worldwide income if they meet the minimum filing requirements. Do you know that, as an expatriate with a tax home in a foreign country, you may be eligible to exclude a portion of your foreign earned income from your U.S. taxes? Are you also aware that you may be able to deduct part of your qualifying housing cost and receive a credit for income taxes paid to a foreign government?

There are a number of other considerations that can affect whether or not you are required to file a return. These include your age, annual worldwide income and filing status. Your worldwide income includes everything you made in the past year from U.S. as well as non-U.S. sources, before taxes and after deductions. Many expats don’t know they only need to file U.S. taxes if their worldwide gross income is above a minimum threshold, which changes each year due to inflation and other shifts in the global economy. Even if you are not required to file, you may be eligible for certain tax refunds, so you should always know exactly where you stand. Filing requirements for each specific form/report are detailed on the pages listed above.

Now you know that you have to file U.S. taxes living abroad, but do you know the ins and out of filing an expat tax return from abroad? Most expatriates do not. It’s complicated — as you can tell from the above rules — which is why you need assistance from a reputable firm like ours that specializes in expat tax services.

Your partner for American expat tax services

You understand that you’re required to file taxes and that the IRS expat regulations are detailed and may making filing difficult. Who can you trust for expat tax preparation? May we suggest Expat CPA?

Because we focus exclusively on filing U.S. taxes from abroad, our expert, knowledgeable CPAs are wholly dedicated to serving the American expatriate community. If you still don’t know your qualifications, you can take advantage of our expat tax consulting service. We make it a point to keep up-to-date on all the latest IRS rules and regulations for international tax filing, and we have decades of experience working with expats living in nearly every country around the globe. You won’t find a better tax partner than Expat CPA! Contact us today to learn more.