I am a Director of Quality at a luxury hotel and had previously worked in the Quality field with the ____ for close to 10 years. I’ve certainly received many emails/letters of praises about my colleagues, however, I rarely go out of my way to write an email regarding my experiences as a client or customer but I truly believe Faviola deserves the recognition.

I’ve recently been given an opportunity to transfer to the corporate office in _____ but not having any understanding of the Expat Tax rules, I wasn’t sure if the offer given to me makes sense financially. I quickly started to do some research on Expat Taxes to understand if I would qualify for the tax exclusions but I was overwhelmed with information. I’ve contacted 3 different accountants and they were either too busy with real clients to give me any answers or they gave me information that I knew were outdated based on my research. Faviola did not make me feel like I was a hassle by asking her some basic questions and she proved to be knowledgeable and was really clear on the information she gave me. She was efficient and clear, therefore, did not waste time on non-paying clients like myself.

As you would understand, I’m trying to make a pretty big decision and it has been frustrating not being able to get deal-breaking questions answered but Faviola answered all of my questions. Because Faviola was professional, efficient and knowledgeable, I’ve decided to use the firm to do my 2009 taxes (I will contact once I get all of my info together) and will definitely use the firm for my taxes in the future, especially if I become an Expat. Thank You.


Thank you so much, you guys have been a great help for making it a lot easier for me, especially when I'm deployed overseas..."muchas gracias"


I moved to Australia two years ago and was worried about finding an accountant to do my US taxes. I could not find anyone in town that could perform this service. I looked around on the web and found many companies willing to take my money and do my taxes. Probably like you, I was very apprehensive about turning something as important as my taxes over to someone I only spoke to on the phone. I did not think I would be comfortable sending my personal documents to an invisible entity on the web.

Well needless to say, I forgot my apprehension and gave ExpatCPA a try. I am glad I did. I spoke to them and to my great delight they knew exactly my situation and what had to be done concerning my taxes. They found all the right forms that I needed and even helped put me on track with my business income. It was very easy to communicate my information to them. They stayed in regular contact with me during the entire process. They sifted through all the documents I sent them. They did a great job discerning what was relevant and what was not. They even found some things I did not think of.

I highly recommend ExpatCPA. I will continue to use them as long as I have to file US taxes. Thanks,


I introduce you to a colleague and friend of mine, who is also a US citizen working abroad, in India. I have recommended your tax filing services to him, given the positive experience and high level of professionalism that I have experienced with Expat CPA.

Thanks again,


I'll very likely contact you next year for the taxes. This has been quite an easy experience, and I appreciate the support. cheers,


You're really on top of things: keep up the great work and thanks for all! Rgds


Thank you all for your hard work and excellent service! I look forward to doing business with your firm next year, and I will heartily recommend you to my friends and co-workers working as contractors here in Iraq. Thanks again for your speedy assistance and have a great weekend! Sincerely,


Just wanted to let you know my sincere appreciation of the excellent service you have provided regarding my tax returns. I look forward to working with you all again next year. Regards,


Thanks John.

I will hope to have your company for all my future years taxes, I'm very happy with your service.

John S

I started looking for a new tax preparer a week ago when my old tax preparer did not know about foreign income exclusion. I sent over 20 e-mails, including one to your firm since your website had published prices, a sign of honesty and transparency. The majority of my e-mails went to small businesses, thinking I would get personalized service and it was in my nature to support the small businesses.

Out of 20 e-mails, I got four replies: one wanted $250 up front, the next refused to quote any prices even though he advertised free consultation on his website, the third was a CPA who wanted outrageous prices, and the fourth reply was yours. I was skeptical to receive a reply from your firm, thinking that it was a big firm and you would care mostly about big corporate clients and would not have time for one individual with very moderate income.

Mr Glassman replied to me the next day, and I was surprised to see that my original e-mail was seen and forwarded by Mr. Harvey to Mr. Glassman which shows transparency. It says a lot when the "Request for Information" e-mails are answered by the firm's owner. I thought I would ask again about the prices, and the answer came the same as quoted on the website. My taxes are not done yet, but I am getting great follow-up and attention from Mr Glassman and am confident that it will be done right.

I just want to commend you on a great personalized attention and service, and will definitely recommend your firm and Mr. Glassman to my colleagues. You proved my stereotypes very wrong in thinking that you can only get personalized attention, quick response and fair prices from small shops. With your firm, I can get all of that plus unmatched experience in expat taxation and exclusions.

Professionalism, Transparency, Experience, Personalized Services and Affordable Prices...great business model.



We have a wonderful tax attorney who does our US taxes! The company is ExpatCPA. They are based in California, but do all the work online. We have been overseas since 1998 and this is the best tax attorney we have ever worked with for thoroughness, timeliness and professionalism.